Friday, 28 October 2011

Regular broadcasts on hold

    So, I know it’s supposed to be a Friday Links post today but sadly I can’t do it. For the last week I’ve been super busy trying to get work done for NaNoWriMo, both on the real life stuff that is going to crop up and on the novel outline itself. Ergo – no linkage due to lack of internet stalking (<-- How I normally get my links).

    Throughout November I’m going to be putting the regular posts on hold. I will still be blogging but it’ll mostly be about NaNo and the fact I want to burn my computer. At least if some of the stories I’ve heard are true anyway. As it is right now I have little to tell you about NaNo. Well ok there is a little bit :P ...
    I’ve found an awesome new way of outlining called phase outlines. Essentially you break up a scene into all its little moments in a way and write 30 to 40 words briefly explaining these moments. Once you’re actually writing you can expand these into 100-200 word bursts, maybe more. I’m finding it useful because it’s helping me to see where I’m going with the story, from A to C while including B, if I can’t get from one scene to the next, especially in the brief and vague phases then I won’t be able to write it (which means more planning for me), as a result I know I need to change something further back before it’s too late. I’m only about 1/5 of the way through my outline right now but I’ve yet to have any issues. I also get ideas for short moments in between each scene that I can put in as I write (mostly that’s my characters taking over and demanding moments that I’m not sure work, we’ll see). I found out about the phase outline through a link on NaNo, maybe some point soon I’ll be able to find it and post a link (connection’s too shaky right now).

Anyhoo. Catchya later peeps!

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