Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday Links; Crafts.

So it's the first Friday Links. I'm focusing on the crafting aspect of my internet travels this week and only have a couple of links for you. There are many more that I could link to but I don't want these posts to be too text heavy so I'm going to go slow only have a few at a time. First up is

Creative Thursday : This is the blog for a creaive site also known as Creative Thursday. The woman who runs this site, Marisa Haedike is an American who started out with just setting a Thursday aside each week to be creative. Now it's a full blown business. She does weekly podcasts that are short, free, easily accessible and really interesting. I like to have them playing in the background while I'm writing or drawing. It's something artsy to listen to and doesn't require you to be super-concentrated on the discussion unlike other artsy podcasts. She also inspires me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and experiment with new and exciting things.

The next is Craftgawker: It's essentially a linking website. Full of pictures and brief explanations of the jist of the post that the image is from you can explore and get new ideas throughout. It's through this site that I came across many many other interesting craft relating sites. Simply for the inspirational quality of the photographs and the tutorials that can often be found through it, I urge people to go and have a look around the site. It's easily navigateable and the fact that it's divided into clear sections makes it so simple to find a tutorial or image in an area that you are interested in. It's ideal for beginning crafters and those with more experience who simply want to try something new.

Now, I hope you're looking forward to The Sunday Workspace, I've got several little things that I'm working on that I hope you will find interesting. Until then,


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