Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday Links; Creative artists. Cats and a Decision

Welcome to another Friday links post. I've got a bit more than just links to share with you todday, being a general blog post as well as a link sharing blog today. I'll get the links out of the way first though before moving onto the other things.

To kick it off, I share with you tortagialla. She's an Italian based American artist and all around crafty person. Her art has this cutesy, childlike vibe with the sophistication of adult art. It's beautiful and inspiring and she's so explanitory of certain crafts. There's a ton of tutorials where she explains, clearly and with pictures, how to make a variety of journals and other bookish items. I fully intend to try my hand at a few of them some point soon, once I've got myself sorted in terms of employment. She's also got a clear grasp of the money-making side of arts and crafts, she seems to have become relatively successful through internet selling. The thing I think I love the most about her blog though is that she's not afraid to share parts of her success with her readers. The blog itself is clear and easy to read and navigate. I've not once gotten lost or confused on it. As a result of all these factors it's a firm bookmark within my internet reading, I check it at least once a day for an update.

My second link is another artist's blog, Voyages of the Creative Variety ran by a Kiwi by the name of Tori. I first found her through the CraftGawker website and I just love her blog. Aside from being gorgeous herself and married to a gorgeous man she's an amazing artist. Her art is more illustration based, with a lot of line based drawing and her blog is sprinkled with photographs of her art and her escapades around New Zealand. She's so artistic that she arranged the majority of her wedding decorations, which she includes photographs of near the beginning of her blog. It is worth reading through her blog's back-posts simply to see her art work and the photographs of her wedding. She's a truly artistic soul that hasn't yet acheived the following that she deserves, at least in my opinion anyway.

 And now onto other things, I introduce to you Strange Cat. This isn't my cat, it's just a cat that comes into our house and eats my cat's dinner. It's a bit tough and scary looking but as I found out today, he's really just a big sweet softy. I walked into my room today to find him lying, quite happily on my bed, making himself at home. He soon ran away though when my mum chased him out.

Finally, I have made a big decision. I'm going to put my webcomic on hold until I've sorted my life out, in terms of employment. Although I'm not going stop drawing the pages, I am going to halt the updates for a while so as to relieve that pressure until I manage to find some form of work. All the worry about my employment, or lack of it, is sapping my creative energy and the idea of forcing myself to put up new pages, when I know they're going to be sub-standard is just making the situation even worse. I am going to try to draw the pages however and once I've built up a sufficient buffer I may resume updates once more. This is all bringing me some relief from the pressure and also gives me the push to work harder at the pages I do draw.

So, that's all for tonight, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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