Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Sunday Workspace: pretty much the same as last week

So to be honest, my workspace is pretty much the same as last week. I'm working on my novel, the new idea and the Sketchbook project.
Today I went for a walk and came across a bunch of pottery scattered across a field. I grabbed a couple of shards and cleaned them up with my thumb as I carried on with my walk. There's a fabulous pattern on it that I fully intend on copying into the Sketchbook. I like the idea of including images from when I'm actually travelling, even if it's just a walk around the village or the country park and fully intend on wandering around in the next few days with my camera and art journal so I can sketch some scenes to draw in. I did have a bunch of images planned to include but I'm fully happy to replace those with my walk pictures.
In other Sketchbook Project news, I'm also working on the first full signature this week, drawing loose pencil crayon images and water colour paintings of the wonders of the world. I'll explore more about that once I have some actual pictures to show, which will hopefully be on Wednesday. Provided I don't get distracted again by a ridiculous job interview, stage two that is.
In terms of the two novels, I hope to write a few more chapters, or at least further what I've already written. It's a bit tricky, referring to chapters in my writing at the minute as, because it's a first draft, I'm now just writing as I go. I will write certain things seperately if the idea for later parts come before I actually have reached them with my writing. For the other novel I hope to write a clearer story outline and a few character profiles as well. I may, if I manage to develop my notes enough start on the Snowflake method, a method of writing found on the internet that I will explore more fully in Friday's link post. I also plan on doing some research for the idea too. So come Wednesday I may well have a bunch of papers to show you. Here's hoping at any rate.
In terms of Witchan, I hope to have some more page layouts organised, and hopefully, fingers crossed, I'll manage to sketch out the pencil lines for a couple of those pages. I also want to get the colour on at least a couple of pages finished. Considering the amount of detail that I've drawn into each panel though, it's looking slightly harder though but I'll try anyway. Either way, I want to try and create a buffer soon so that I don't have to keep the comic on hiatus for too long.
Whelp, that's it for today's post, I'll blog again soon.

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