Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Progress Wednesday: 3 parts of my personal challenge ... and a poem.

I decided, after trawling the internet for the last week, that I would have one day a week where I discuss the progress I'm making on my Personal Challenge, and my monthly targets. I decided today may as well be that day considering how much work I've gotten done in the last two days. I've managed to finish another drawing and two pages of Witchan. I'm very proud of myself for getting this done.

 This is just all of the pages I've finished together. The colour is surprisingly good considering that it looked bleached out on the camera screen. They were all drawn using a 3H pencil and the colour was created with water-soluble pencil crayons. They took me roughly 2 days in total to complete and although the comic pages need to be editted slightly the first picture is pretty much how I want it to look. I seemed to hit some form of massive art surge that has gotten me creating large amounts or creative things in comparison to normal.

The colour isn't as good on this picture but you can see the general idea. The reason for that big border around the edge it that the Sketchbook Project books aren't A4, they're a little smaller. As it is I need to cut it down before I stick it into my book. The theme is 'Travel With Me' as I've probably already said so I thought I'd explore the hazards of travel. The sea was surprisingly fun to do with the crayon, just loosly sketching in the voids and joining the rest together. I like the slightly bleached appearance that the watercolour gives as it implies the sheer heat of the desert island.

These two are Witchan comic pages. I need to scan them in and edit them on my image editting program before they're ready to go up but ah well. I like the mixing quality of the water soluble pencil crayons and also the way that the pencil has run on the second page to emphasise the ink drop feel that I was going for with those black blobby things. I still need to place a white border around them as well as sketching in the text that is there but can't be seen on the photographs. I really love the image editting programs.

I also found myself writing a poem today. It started as a few lines I had when I was half asleep the other night and I've since expanded on them using as many of the senses as I can. It seems to be evolving in my head into an entire series based on a single theme. I want to do a little research into it before I write any more but I will put this one online once I've finished it.

Now onto a different subject. After a bit of consideration I've decided that I'm going to have specific themes for certain days. Here's a little list;
  •  Progress Wednesday: In which I inform readers of my progress in both my personal challenge and the monthly targets. At the minute the two are slightly joined but now and then there will be things that are solely related to one or the other.
  • Friday Links: Links to sites that I frequent or have found useful in someway and want to share with you.
  • The Sunday Workspace: On this day I'll show you a little of what I have in my works in progress pile, whether art related or writing related. This will basically be a chance for you to get a little peek into what might appear soon 
I hope you like the thought of this, it'll help keep my blog update regular and let you know what to expect when. I'd love to hear thoughts about this though so please feel free to email me or comment on the blog.

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