Sunday, 8 January 2012

Check in 2

                So it’s been a week of ROW80 and so far I’ve not really kept to my goals. It’s sad and quite unfortunate. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with me if I’m honest. I get all these ideas when I’m at work and sorting out the paperwork while wearing rubber gloves that make me feel like I should be giving someone a prostate exam (yes you read that right. I have to wear rubber gloves to sort paperwork. Long story for a whole other blog post) but as soon as I get home and sit down to write all these ideas go out of the window. It’s not because I forget the ideas either, I make sure that I write them down as soon as they’ve properly formed. I’ve even been figuring out some difficult parts of the plot for my current novel while I’ve been fiddling with my paper work.

                I have made a start on a new novel however, writing the opening paragraph and working on notes for the plot. It seems to be more of a young adult novel, brought on by reading too much Garth Nix and Jenny Nimmo. I don’t mind though as I seem to be focusing on the supernatural and paranormal anyway. In terms of art as well I’ve started a couple of pieces, mostly for the Sketchbook Project but I’ve still not gotten around to actually finishing them. There is a little time left in today so who knows I may actually be able to quickly finish one piece at least and I can count that as actually succeeding in one of my goals.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Check In 1 for ROW80 and my resolutions

So the third day of ROW80 is over. I’ve managed to keep to my goals so far, apart from yesterday when I got distracted by hair dye and began to go blonde. I’ve managed to over reach my 500 words a day on both Monday and today and I’m very proud of myself.

I don’t know about you but I find goals and targets really do help me to push myself. Every time I’ve said, ‘oh I’ll do a bit of writing today’ I’ve not really written anything. BUT! When I set myself a target like with NaNo or ROW80, for instance, try to write 500 words a day, I seem to over write and hit my target and go beyond. This happened a lot with NaNo, although I was disappointed that I didn’t manage to write more each day considering I actually had nothing to do every day. I have been writing about 600 words roughly both times I’ve sat down to write this week, in only about an hour which does show me that if I try to reach a certain target I can surpass it. I’m beginning to realise that I work best with measurable goals, rather than vague ideas.

It’s showing in the artistic side of my goals as well. I’ve already started on this week’s image, after almost 2 months off. I might have to up my goal though, or do several all nighters before the end of January as I do need to send off The SketchBook Project back by the end of the month. I’ve got more images done then I expected and I’ve got the majority of the materials I need, it’s just the actual sitting down and drawing, painting and sketching that I need to get down to. I’m hoping that once my contract’s up, which it almost is, I can take the next couple of weeks to just steam through my drawings and sketches.

                All in all though, considering it’s only the first check in point for ROW80 and still the first week of January, I’m pleased with my progress this week. Here’s hoping I can keep it up.