Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Writer's Block

Sometimes it feels as though I keep thumping into a brick wall. All the enthusiasm and drive to create that was with me in the last week or so has gone. I know this is me being lazy, that I should push myself to draw anyway but I just don’t feel like it. Annoyingly I still have the ideas coming into my brain but still I’m not doing anything about it. I would once have called this the dreaded Writer’s Block but I’ve come to realise that Writer’s Block is mostly a myth. It’s simple laziness on my part. The ideas are there. There’s no actual block on those ideas, it’s just my lack of motivation to put them down onto paper that is getting in my way. 

I’m hoping that pushing through this lack of motivation will get the ball rolling again and hopefully I can start producing stuff again. It’s been that way before. I’ve thought I’ve had Writer’s Block but once I’ve actually gotten working the block has... dissolved I suppose, and I’ve been creating comic pages, writing my novel and just generally being creative like a machine. So I plan to work through it, pushing myself to actually write, to actually draw. I can already feel it dissolving in fact as I write this post and hopefully I can get my arse in gear and sort through it all. Who knows, I may actually get through it and out the other side to find myself enthused about writing and drawing again.

Does anyone else ever have problems with motivation?

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