Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Webcomic Wednesday!!

So it’s Wednesday and I’m writing this post. I actually managed to keep my promise. Go me!
Now the back patting and self congratulations are out of the way I’ll actually fill you in with what’s happening in my own personal web-comicking world.

For the last few days it’s been all about the resource gathering. I’ve been finding pictures, mostly for settings, and saving them onto my laptop into a variety of folders. I’m freakishly organised like that, at least for references. I’ve got entire folders dedicated to settings that may only appear for a few pages or so. I’ve got another bunch of folders solely for the use of character wardrobes, chockfull of clothing styles and pieces that I think reflect the vibe I’m going for with each character. Maybe this is the anal-retentive freak in me but I find organising my documents for comics to a freakish level fun and interesting. Artists and writers are generally thought of as some of the messiest people and I am messy. My room’s almost always got a few items of clothing lying around, although it’s usually folded slightly and put to one side. My comic materials and reference books are just shoved onto make-shift shelves in no particular order. Still though, I find myself organising and separating out my various projects into their own little physical folders. I give myself deadlines for completing certain parts of projects. It’s weird; I admit it and let’s move on. Nothing to see here, ignore the crazy creative type in the corner.

Last night I was reading through some other web-comics and sketch threads on the wonderful SmackJeeves forums that I frequent, probably too many times a day and I started sketching some of the images that I liked. I did this mostly to figure out why I liked a character or a style which actually worked. Then I shoved bits and pieces together and in a rough, and I mean ROUGH, sketch I managed to create one of my main characters! I’ve been struggling for ages to get him looking right, ever since I thought him up. He’s always come out too clean cut and young-looking but I need him battle hardened and a little rough around the edges. I’ve spent most of this evening working on a proper sketch of him though and it seems to be working. At last I have a picture of Gabe on paper that actually matches how I see him in my head. I’m so happy! He still needs work, shading and colour and the like, but I’m happy with how he’s looking so far. 
I just hope I can carry on drawing him for the 100+ pages that the Screnzy comic’s going to be.

I also went to an art store today. Big Mistake. I ended up buying some stuff for painting with acrylics; paintbrushes, acrylic painting pads, acrylic paints... Any way... I’m telling you this for a reason. Well, a reason other than the fact that I just want to talk about my shiny new toys. I’m telling you all this because, HOPEFULLY, I can start painting a few of my settings into actual paintings. I’ve still got to do all the prep work still as the settings currently live in my head, but once that’s out of the way I should be good and ready to paint some lovely, lovely pictures. And who knows, I might actually share some of my In-Progress pictures with you all... if I remember. Someone remind me?

Well, that’s my promise kept and my ramble about web-comics done. I plan on posting again on Friday for.... Project Friday? Yeah I made that one up on the spot too. Not as catchy as this one. I’ll work on it.
Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, Project Friday *wince*. On Friday I’ll be filling you all in on the progress of various projects and might include a few photos/scans. Maybe even one of the lovely Gabe.


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