Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Moving again

It’s that time of the week again. It’s Wednesday and I’m smack bang in the middle of the week. I seem to have dived back onto that creativity train once more though and for that I’m actually overjoyed. It’s too easy for me to not do anything with my day just once and then I slip back into the pattern of not doing anything all day everyday while I’m looking for a job. So I have to push myself to do these things, even when I don’t want to. Thinking about it though, not only does it make sure I keep creating but it’s professional. If I manage to make writing my job I’ll need to make myself write whether I want to or not. There’s nothing wrong with that in my book.
It’s also a Round of Words 80 Days check in day and I’ve been thinking about the goals that I set myself at the beginning o the year and I realised that with the fact I’ve completed my first draft of my novel sort of negates one of my goals. So with that and mind and seeing as it’s a check in day I’ve decided to re-do my goals.

  • Edit at least 200 words of Darkling Watch a day
  • Draw at least one sketch for Of Swords And Magic a day.
  • Roughly script and thumbnail one chapter of L.C. a fortnight.

Those are the only goals I can think of right now but if I can come up with some more then I will include them and aim for them.
And with that decision I wrap up this post and bid you all adieu.


  1. Excellent goals - and congratulations on completing the first draft of your novel! Enjoy the editing process, I hopoe it goes smoothly for you :)

  2. Thanks. I'm slowly slipping into it and getting better.

  3. Good for you, reaching your first goal! Here's hoping you do as well with the next set!