Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Creating stories

I went for a walk today, down to the country park. Completely alone interestingly, particularly when it comes to me. I took some pictures, sketched a bit and realised that sometimes being outdoors can fire up the creative muscles. I realised that I really do live in quite a beautiful area, it's urban but country at the same time. I'm a typical small-town girl I suppose.

I've been trying for weeks to create a slightly more... realistic... world for a couple of stories that I'm working on and the pictures I took and ideas I got whilst I was walking really helped me create this more well-rounded world. Unfortunately I forgot to take a camera, moron that I am, so had to resort to using my Blackberry's camera. The pictures aren't bad despite being tiny, and they've really fired up my creative ideas, so much so that I'm working on a world for a bunch of stories as we speak.

Having loads of ideas at once can be a pain though. You're trying to keep them all seperate but at the same time you're trying to get as much of each one written down as you possibly can. At least that's how it works for me. It was nice though... to have so many ideas coming in to my mind at once. I've been at a creative idea low for a while recently, I can work on ideas that I already have, mostly editting, but I haven't worked on new ones for a while, new ones haven't come to me for ages. Unfortunately I forgot to write these ideas down so many of them have slipped away but I took pictures of the sights that sparked these ideas so hopefully looking at them again may respark an idea.

I also saw a bunch of tiny little frogs, hopping across the path in front of me. They were absolutely tiny, I almost stood on some of them. I thought they were little rocks or bits of dust rolling across the ground until I stood still and one hopped across the ground. You can almost see it in this picture, I know it's there so I can see it. If you spot the diddy frog let me know. 

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