Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bye Bye Writer's Block. Hello shiny new novel plan.

  Mere hours after I got those Terry Brooks novels down, yes the ones that I spent much of the last blog gushing about, I had the inspiration for a new novel/story. I'd barely read a few passages of 'The Sword of Shannara' and I was already being hit by various ideas. Thankfully the vagueness of them meant that I could shove them all together into one big story but I'm just so glad that I'm no longer writer's blocky.
I really do suggest to any writer or artist that is suggering from writer's block to find the thing or things that inspired them before and go back to it. Although it might not work for everyone it certainly worked for me, almost instantly. Unfortunately I'm still grouchy.. less so then I was but still.. pretty grouchy. I'm just putting that down to hormones and ignoring it though.
 I'm so happy that I've managed to get back on track with writing though. There's just so much coming out and I'm actually enjoying writing for the sake of writing again. For the last three years I've had to write for my degree, it took away much of the fun that I'd previously found in it. Now though, with my degree at an end, I'm finding that I can enjoy it again, now that there's not this horrible pressure to write something and to write something in a genre that I just don't like. Those three years stretched me as a writer though I will admit. The lecturers pushed me into writing in genres I'd normally ignore and stir clear of. They forced me to consider character voices, different levels of description. Basically I studied my writing style indepth and evolved it. Maybe it's made it better, maybe it's made it worse. I really won't know until I write something that I enjoy writing and get more then 10 pages done.
  Who knows, maybe this story will start off a series, all set in my world. For all the future knows I could be the next Terry Brooks... except female and British and younger. I'd like that though. I'm not bothered about the money, I just want people to read what I've written, to share it with the whole world. I know that's what the internet is for and to be far I do plan on putting it online somewhere but I have a great love and respect for the printed word and would love, dearly, to see my words printed and bound in a book with a beautifully illustrated cover.
 But that's enough philosophising for one day... I'll leave you now as I return to my writing and give you one message.... Write what you love and failing that, write what you know.

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