Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What Is It That I Actually DO?!

I’ve been saying for a little while that I’d tell you all exactly what it is that I do for work. I’ve mentioned the freelance stuff but never really gone into detail. I have a spare few minutes so I thought I’d fill you in. I get hired by various people to write the stuff that they either can’t be bothered to write or don’t have the time to write. They give me a brief and a deadline and I write to it. Then I hand it over to them and they pay me and they own all rights to it. Sometimes I have only a few pieces to do over a month or like this month I have lots to do. It doesn’t bring much money in but it does get me writing regularly, something that if you’ve read the blog once or twice or even all the time (if that’s you I applaud you and give you virtual cookies) you will know that I struggle with. They say the best writers write every day. I didn’t, I still don’t. But I do write most days of the week even when I don’t really want to or barely have time to. And that’s a big improvement.

You may also remember that in the last post that I mentioned I would be working on a series of short stories and tracking my process as I go (if I remembered). Well I have been doing the planning and the tracking actually! That’s right, I’ve been working on the story planning, only one at the moment, and I’ve been making notes about how my brain works and my process at the same time. The story is slow going, I’m not really working on it right now, but it’s coming along. I’ve not been working on much of my own stuff if I’m honest, I spent the last couple of weeks so focused on the freelance work that I neglected my own writing. That’s going to change now, I’ve got a system in place and the realisation that it doesn’t actually take me that long to write something of a decent length along with the fact that I do have plenty of time to write what and when I want to. It’s just making myself do it that’s the issue.

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