Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A little bit of a catch up and a lot of plans.

Well what can I say? I have been a very busy beaver these last few weeks. I’ve been working on my freelance writing projects which almost burnt me out but a weekend of good weather, nice food and great company soon fixed me up good and proper. Anyway, I’ve just got a few thousand more words for the final project before I pitch this month’s pieces to my client. I do plan on explaining exactly what I do for my freelance work at some point I promise.

This June I meant to do a sort of A-Z thing where I posted a blog a day on a topic or theme beginning with that day’s letter. That fell through though when I completely forgot to plan and prepare any blogs. Instead I focused on getting those freelance pieces done as they were almost at deadline and I wasn’t finished. I may give it another shot next month or I might just do the occasional post now and then to give myself something to blog about.

I’ve also been hard at work planning actual stories that I’m definitely going to be selling on Amazon at some point. This morning in fact was spent getting the general outlines of 5 different shorts of varying lengths. I want to get several of those finished and ready to go before I even hit the sell button though. I also plan to blog about the process as well, just to give my own opinion on it all and let you all see how my brain actually works. I’ll probably go from concept to publication with that. If I remember. My memory is terrible you’ve probably realised by now.

I came to a very important decision regarding my writing the other day. You might have noticed this already but I have an extreme tendency to be working on about 30 different projects at once (this may or may not be an exaggeration). This leads to me being strung out and unable to progress. I’m so busy dipping between different projects that none of them get the attention and hard work that they deserve. Sometimes I’m so torn between which project to work on that I freeze up, can’t decide and go and watch tv instead. To fix that I’ve decided that I’ll work on two and only two projects, seriously, at once. I may dip in and out of a couple more that don’t require much brain-work just yet but for the most part it will be two projects in particular getting my attention. Kind of like small children. I need to make sure that these projects are in different stages too, one in editing and one still being written or planned. It should help me focus and actually keep me productive. We’ll soon see.

Well I think that’s it for today, hopefully I should be making another post very soon and I’ll see you then.

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