Friday, 29 July 2011

Epic Fantasy

  I'm just thinking everyday about the world of Geniania. I just want to create a world that's so rich and full of reality that it could be real. To achieve this, and also to stretch my creative wings I know I'm going to have to create a massive history and culture to for the world and the countries that make it up. I've got all these ideas to do this, like epic poetry, mythology and religions. For the religion I've got a couple of different ones already started, they just need to be built on.
  The problem with all of this though is that I want to work on them all at once and there's just not enough time in the day to juggle working on all those things as well as my Witchan webcomic. I've almost finished the page for this week, I've just got to do the last half of block shading on the page and then can start on the next one. Annoyingly I have no drive to do it today but I really should so I'll probably work on it later tonight.
  I can't help but think about Tolkien and how he created Middle Earth. He spent decades working on these stories and the world that goes with them. Half the people that read the books or watch the films don't seem to realise how much work he put into it or how much of the mythology makes Middle Earth seem real. Few people probably consider that without this background story the Middle Earth would probably be flat and unreal. I really should work on the world some more though.

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