Sunday, 8 January 2012

Check in 2

                So it’s been a week of ROW80 and so far I’ve not really kept to my goals. It’s sad and quite unfortunate. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with me if I’m honest. I get all these ideas when I’m at work and sorting out the paperwork while wearing rubber gloves that make me feel like I should be giving someone a prostate exam (yes you read that right. I have to wear rubber gloves to sort paperwork. Long story for a whole other blog post) but as soon as I get home and sit down to write all these ideas go out of the window. It’s not because I forget the ideas either, I make sure that I write them down as soon as they’ve properly formed. I’ve even been figuring out some difficult parts of the plot for my current novel while I’ve been fiddling with my paper work.

                I have made a start on a new novel however, writing the opening paragraph and working on notes for the plot. It seems to be more of a young adult novel, brought on by reading too much Garth Nix and Jenny Nimmo. I don’t mind though as I seem to be focusing on the supernatural and paranormal anyway. In terms of art as well I’ve started a couple of pieces, mostly for the Sketchbook Project but I’ve still not gotten around to actually finishing them. There is a little time left in today so who knows I may actually be able to quickly finish one piece at least and I can count that as actually succeeding in one of my goals.


  1. One way to regain ideas that you lose while doing other things is to start your writing session with a random brainstorming session.

    Just start out with a topic related to what you want to work on later in the session (but don't limit your ideas to what you plan to work on -- use it as a starting point).

    Then sit for fifteen minutes or so, and list out ideas. Dumb ideas, great ideas. Just keep going until your creative brain re-engages.


  2. Camille offers a great suggestion. Sometimes I find when I let go of the "hafta write this now!" zone and just start, stream of consciousness style, words begin to wiggle through the barriers I have created.

    I sometimes take the words of my ideas and prompt myself with sensory prompts like (word written down is) Confrontation. I would write Confrontation smells like... Confrontation feels like.... Confrontation makes me feel.... confrontation looks like... and just keep going writing snippets of thoughts until you feel warmed up and THEN! You will see you have some great stuff written among, perhaps, the not so great stuff.

    Good luck and WOW! I'm glad you are joining us in #ROW80!

    Here is where you can read my check in today!

  3. Kudos to you for posting your check-in, even though it's been a difficult week. Camille's idea sounds like a good one - think I might use it myself this week. Good luck!