Monday, 5 December 2011

The End of NaNoWriMo and Amsterdam.

So NaNoWriMo is now over. It was a fantastic month and I learned so much about how I write and what I want from my life. It’s helped me to realise that I do really want to become a professional writer. I still haven’t finished my novel but there’s more than I’ve ever written before. For that I am glad and hope to finish the novel before the New Year. I’m definitely going to try at least...
                I’m all ready to sign up next year and I am also seriously considering signing up for ScriptFrenzy. In fact my NaNoWriMo username means that I’m able to take part already and I’m already thinking hard about what to work on for it. It’s a month of script-writing. I could work on the Witchan web-comic script or even a short story script for a short web-comic. Either way it’s do-able. The great thing is that the weekly meetings also return during those months so I’ll get the spurring on that I need. There’s also NaNoMangO in June or November which gives the opportunity to draw the pages for April’s scripts. While there’s always the chance that my life could take another direction at any point between these dates, I’m putting them in my diary come January 1st and really hope to take part in them. I’ll probably explain about these in the New Year.

                I had a very lovely weekend since Friday afternoon. I took a trip to Amsterdam, partially as an early Christmas present from my mum and also partially as a reward for finishing NaNoWriMo. It truly is a beautiful city and I have several plans in the future to visit it again. I’m even considering getting a TEFL certificate and heading there to teach English for a while. A TEFL qualification would more than likely give me the opportunity to travel to all those places that I want to go to, whether it’s Romania or the USA or Paris. A TEFL qualification will give me the option of going to all those places and earn a wage while I see the sights. But back to Amsterdam...
                There is much more to the city than just the ‘coffee shops’ and the red light district. It’s a beautiful city full of amazing buildings and a rich history. I just felt so inspired walking around, I barely did any shopping, even when we did actually accidentally find the red light district. For some odd reason myself and my mum kept stumbling on the more local Dutch bars when we went somewhere for a drink but they were absolutely lovely. The canals... wow! That’s really all I can say about them. Even the quiet ones where there was very little traffic were still gorgeous. Many house were built right up against the banks of the canals and they were so high with beautiful windows and facades. It’s on my list of places to go back to, eventually.
                The crossing however was not that nice. On the way there I’d been drinking a fair bit and the cross winds across the North Sea were sending the ferry bouncing around horribly. That did not end well the next morning when my hangover hit. Thankfully we docked shortly after and were off to Amsterdam within an hour. Walking around the city helped me feel much much better as well as the delicious Argentinean food that we were able to find. I realised that getting up and eating slightly really does help a hangover rather than sitting around feeling sorry for youself.

                Well that’s it for tonight, I’ll probably be returning to regular topics next week, in the meantime, have fun and keep writing even though NaNo’s over.

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